Counseling Office


Students who fail courses and would like to recover credits can speak to their counselor about enrolling in APEX credit recovery after school. If you would like to receive more information on how you can sign up, please visit your counselor.

Students can receive after school tutoring through Warrior Way.

If you have already completed your FAFSA, please forward your confirmation page to your counselor, or fill out this google form: FAFSA competion. 

If you need help filling out your FAFSA, make an appointment with your counselor here: Counselor Appointments  

When filling out your FAFSA application, be sure to have the information below ready:

  1. Social Security Number
  2. Cash, savings, and checking account balances.
  3. Investments and other than the home in which you live.
  4. Alien registration number (only if applicable).
  5. Federal tax information or tax returns.
  6. Records of untaxed income.

You are able to change your classes within the first seven days of the school year. Limited changes to ensure that students have the correct a-g courses may be made at the start of 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Please choose your classes carefully and always provide an alternative for your electives when registering for classes. We do not grant period or teacher requests.

To level down from an Honors or AP course, you can submit a request within the first two weeks of each trimester. The change can only be made based on availability. 

Note: Any change to a course will potentially affect your entire schedule. We cannot grant period or teacher requests.

Schedule Change Request Form

Request for Reduced Schedule Forms