College & Career Center

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the College and Career Center is to assist all students in the Fallbrook Union High School District with meeting the district goal of college and career readiness. The center provides resources for students regarding college planning, searches and selections, career planning, financial aid, community service, job search techniques, work permits, and much more. 

We work closely with academic and guidance counselors to ensure students are progressing successfully toward their goals. It is our objective to encourage the success of each individual student by providing one on one evaluation and advising for course selection, planning, and college & career goals.


Pamela Scrape-Cain

District Career / Vocational
 Education Coordinator

(760) 723-6300 x3212

Office Hours
6:30am-3pm, year round


School Profile

2023 - 2024

The Fallbrook Union High School District, in partnership with the parents and the
community offers all students educational opportunities that enable them to function
effectively as citizens, life-long learners, consumers, and workers in a global society.

2023 - 2024 FHS Profile

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