College & Career Center

Community Service

All students enrolled in the FUHS District, shall complete ten (10) hours of community service per year, for a total of forty (40) hours of community service to obtain a diploma of high school graduation. All community service organizations MUST BE PRE-APPROVED prior to completing any community service work. Organizations already listed in Service Learning have been pre-approved. All community service forms must be turned in to the College & Career Center after input into the students Aeries portal by June 3, 2024. *

The following are examples that meet the community service requirement:

  • County Library 
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Animal Rescues 
  • Food Distribution Facilities 
  • Hospital Auxiliaries
  • Courthouse
  • Organized Community Clean-up 
  • Thrift Stores 
  • Chamber of Commerce Events 
  • Fire Safe Council 
  • Assisted Living Facilities

A complete list of pre-approved organizations is available in the College & Career Center and in the link below. 

The following are examples that do not meet the community service requirement:

  • Anything you receive a grade or pay for 
  • Helping family or neighbors 
  • Attendance in club meetings, church, youth group 
  • Babysitting 
  • Sports Team Fundraisers 
  • Competitions 

*Please Note: Students MUST input their hours into their Aeries student portal PRIOR to submitting their community service forms to the College & Career Center.  See input instructions below.