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What is WASC?

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ACS WASC Overview


Purpose of Accreditation

  • Assures a school community that the school’s purposes are appropriate and being accomplished through a viable education program
  • Validates the integrity of the school’s program and transcripts
  • Facilitates transfer of credits to other English-speaking schools (critical for college/university acceptance worldwide)
  • Fosters the ongoing improvement of the school’s programs and operations to support student learning
  • Provides valuable insight from fellow educators visiting the school 

ACS WASC Accreditation Process

ACS WASC accreditation is a process schools use to monitor student learning and set school improvement goals. Schools assess their program and the impact on student learning with respect to the ACS WASC criteria and other accreditation factors. Every six years, accredited schools conduct a self-study and host a self-study visit. The self-study process culminates in the refinement of a schoolwide action plan. Throughout the accreditation cycle, schools are expected to address the schoolwide action plan and demonstrate evidence of acceptable student achievement and school improvement. Appropriate reports and reviews throughout the six-year cycle of accreditation support this process. 

FHS is currently on Year Three of the Six-Year Accreditation Cycle. We submitted our Mid-Cycle WASC Report and will have our two day virtual visit on March 14-15, 2022. Two educators from other districts will virtually visit our school and classrooms and meet with all stakeholders to get a clear understanding of our school and programs. 

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