Welcome to the Science Department!

Fallbrook High School offers courses with a variety of rigor for each subject area. The science teachers believe that students should be challenging themselves in science at the most rigorous level possible. We advise all students to choose the course they think will be most challenging for them. If a student finds that they are struggling at this level, then the student and teacher can discuss a level change. When students select science courses in this way, they find the right rigor for them in a way that promotes the most confidence. For example, a student selects AP Biology in the 9th grade and finds that they have chosen a course that is too rigorous for their understanding. When this student levels down to Pre-AP Biology, they have already experienced some of the content and thus they can feel confident and be an expert in this new transition.

Course Offerings


(for 9th grade and above)

  • Biology
  • Biologia (Dual Immersion course taught in Spanish)
  • Pre-AP Biology (previously Honors)
  • AP Biology (as per the College Board, this course is weighted for 10th grade and above, but 9th graders can earn college credit by passing the AP exam)


(for 10th grade and above)

  • Chemistry
  • Quimica (Dual Immersion course taught in Spanish)
  • Pre-AP Chemistry (previously Honors)
  • AP Chemistry


(for 10th grade and above)

  • Physics
  • AP Physics

Human Anatomy & Physiology 

(for 11th grade and above) 

Environmental Sciences 

(for 11th grade and above)

  • AP Environmental Science
  • IB Environmental Systems and Societies in English (2 year course)
  • IB Environmental Systems and Societies in Spanish (2 year course; Dual Immersion course)


Updated May 14, 2021

Department Chair

  • Mrs. Pinnell's
    Mrs. Pinnell's
    Department Chair
    Mrs. Pinnell's
    Department Chair

    Hello! My name is Marin Pinnell and I have been teaching science since 2003. I have been teaching science at Fallbrook High since 2006. I currently teach Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry, and AP Chemistry. I have been married for 22 years and my husband, Craig, and I have a 6 year old daughter. I have grown up in Fallbrook, I attended Fallbrook High School, and we currently live in Fallbrook. I have previously coached the Fallbrook Girls Rugby Club teams with my husband for 11 years winning five National Championships, and being awarded USA Rugby's Female Coach of the Year as well as Girls HS team of the Decade by the Goff Rugby Report. My hobbies now include yoga, essential oils, going to the beach with my family, and traveling. My husband is from South Africa and we have family and friends around the world that we love to visit.