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Graduation Requirements

Students need a total of 230 credits aligned with the following requirements to receive a high school diploma. Students interested in qualifying for a 4 year university should align their 4 year plan to both graduation requirements and the "A-G" requirements. 

40 hours of community service required.

FUHSD Graduation Requirements
UC/CSU "A-G" Requirements
Social Science
3 years
A. History / Social Science
2 years
4 years
B. English
4 years
3 years (must pass Math 1 and Math 2)
C. Mathematics
3 years, 4 recommended
Physical Science
1 year
D. Laboratory Science
2 years, 3 recommended
Biological Science
1 year
E. Language Other than English
2 years, 3 recommended
Fine Art / Language
1 year
F. Visual and Performing Arts
1 year
Physical Education
2 years
G. College Prep Elective
1 year
Electives: 90 credits  
UC/CSU-Grade of "C" or better required. 
Community Service Form Community Service