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Digital Library

Need help logging in? Watch video on the left.

  • Follow the link to the Fallbrook Digital Library website OR download the new SORA reading app on Google Play or the App Store. 
  • Choose our school from the list of schools in the area. 
  • Sign in using your school gmail account. 

Username: school email (ie:

Password: Google password 

(email me if you are having any trouble signing in -->

  • Browse the collections on the homepage or search for a specific book/topic using the search bar.
  •  Click on a book you are interested in checking out. The book summary will appear here, along with other information. You can read a sample of the book or hit "Borrow" to check it out. The book will open automatically in the tab. 
  • You can check out three books at a time for 3 weeks each. Once the 3 weeks is up, the book is automatically returned to the system. You can renew a book by going to the "Shelf" tab, choosing the book, clicking "Options," and choosing "Renew."
  • You can win achievements for finishing books, reading for long periods of time, taking notes, and more. You can see your reading achievements on the "Me" tab.
  • When you have finished a book, go to "Options" and press "Return" or just wait until it automatically returns in 21 days.  
  • If you want to renew a title, you can "Renew" up to three days before it expires. You can't renew a book if someone else has placed it on hold, but you can place it on hold yourself so that it's automatically borrowed to you again as soon as it becomes available.
  • Select a title and click "Place on hold." You can tell you've successfully requested a title when you see a check mark and the word "Requested" next to the title on your checkout page.  
  • There are many ways you can adjust the settings of a book according to your reading preferences. Once you open the book, tap on the bottom to bring up bars on the top and bottom. At the top right-hand corner are three horizontal bars - click this button to access the settings. You can search for a specific word or phrase in the book, switch between chapters, access your bookmarked pages, see your reading history, and adjust your reading settings. 
  • Under "Reading Settings," you can change the size of the text, the background color, and the font type of the book. Try the OpenDyslexic font if you struggle with dyslexia. 
  • You can also highlight words or phrases that you want to remember by holding down the mouse and dragging. Once the text is highlighted, you can write notes (you can access these notes on the homepage of the site or app). Bonus: Notes and highlights are not deleted once the book is returned to the system - you can access them anytime! 
  • If you come across a word you don't understand, highlight the word and click "Definition." You can see all the words you looked up on your homepage..