Innovation & Product Design Pathway


Innovation & Product Design is primarily taught in the woodshop and as such students are also taught how to safely use the equipment in the shop such as table saws, miter saws, planers as well as various hand tools.


Engineering and Manufacturing Woodshop

E&M is our intro class to the woodshop.  We explore the foundational concepts of engineering and manufacturing under the broader umbrella of design.  Students will learn how to use the machinery in the woodshop to design, build and create real life products that can be taken home with them!


Design / Build

Design / Build is a class for students who would like to continue to improve their skills in the woodshop.  At this point, D/B is more self directed and the scale and complexity of projects are increased.  In this course, the instructor functions more as a coach than as a traditional teacher.  We are exploring the idea of creating a much larger scale project where all the students work together.  Potential future projects include building a tiny house.  In summary, If you like working with your hands and want to keep gaining skills, this may be the class for you!


CAD (Computer Aided Drafting)

In our CAD class students will be introduced to the ways we use computers to assist us in 21st century design and manufacturing.  Students will learn both 2D and 3D design programs to create both digital environments and real life physical objects that can be realized using technology and tools such as laser cutters and CNC machines.  E&M is a prerequisite for this course.

Computer aided drafting teaches students how to design a product on a computer that can be manufactured with tools such as CNC machines, 3D printers as well as laser and vinyl cutters!  We explore how different types of software can be used to create so many fun and interesting projects.

Design/Build is a two semester course at Fallbrook Union High School designed to familiarize students with
the concepts behind design and fabrication using a combination of pencils and paper, wood, concrete and at
times various other materials to achieve predetermined goals. This course has a STEAM (Science,
Technology, Engineering ART, and Math) focus and will include technology-based forms of artistic
expression, to offer a well-rounded creative environment for our students to experience a hands on learning
experience steeped equally in state of the art, technology, and meaningful hands-on design skills. While
creativity and artistic expression are key to this introductory Architectural Design course, we put equal
emphasis on the necessity of careful documentation, and reflection.

Computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) is important within the advanced manufacturing industry used to
create engineering designs. In this course, students are introduced to engineering, learning the basics of CAD
software: creating points, lines, other geometric forms, isometric drawings, and 3D models. Students will
create designs into a three-dimensional (3D) environment and use machines or 3D printers to execute their
designs. Students will be introduced to the areas of mechanical drafting which will include single and three
view drawings, isometric, oblique and sectional drawings. Students will also learn fundamentals of
architectural drafting through drawing floor, elevation, plot, and electrical plans.

This year long course is the first in the EAM pathway and is organized into two individual components
(mechanical engineering/manufacturing and electrical engineering). The course has four major units that
allows the student to explore their creativity while developing and manufacturing a product. The major units
covered will consist of design, prototyping, fabrication of product, and marketing/manufacturing. By
integrating these two disciplines, students will experience what it means to engineer, manufacture and market
a product that is completely synthesized from their own imagination.