Culinary Arts

Fallbrook HS Culinary Course Description

The Culinary Arts curriculum is designed to give our students a professional and practical experience and background knowledge with a hands-on approach in the daily operation of a professional and full-service restaurant/kitchen. Learn classical skills and techniques that are aligned with new age trends. A culinary education offers a clear path to your first job and/or career. This program is a school-to-career path for high school students interested in the restaurant and food service industry.

This is an introductory course that is a prerequisite to other culinary and baking classes. In this course, the
students will learn the basic fundamentals of the kitchen and food preparation. Units include safety/sanitation,
knife skills, tools and equipment, culinary math and recipes along with nutrition. They will prepare a variety
of foods to complement learned basic fundamentals. Job preparation will include interview skills, résumé
writing, and job applications. In this course, students will learn about food, food culture, food history, food
safety, and current food trends.

This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge of baking science and artful techniques
required of bakers and pastry cooks. Students will gain hands-on knowledge of classic and contemporary
patisserie and baking processes in addition to beginning pastry arts. Course work is designed for students that
desire a career as a baker or pastry chef. The program outcome is that students will be prepared for entry-level
employment as professional and competent bakers, pastry cooks, or pastry entrepreneurs and meet the needs
of retail and wholesale baking and pastry establishments.

The Advanced Culinary Arts course places emphasis on the reinforcement of skills and knowledge learned in
Culinary Arts and Culinary Arts Baking, to further the development of more advanced culinary skill sets.
Development of stocks, soups and sauces along with formal introductions of culinary applications will
enhance the students’ understanding of cooking techniques, seasonings and flavorings, breakfast cookery,
baking and related global cuisine. All aspects of culinary math will continue to be developed as well as the
operating of both the front and back of the operations of a full service kitchen.