Information & Communication Technology

Information Systems will be the first course in the Cyber Security pathway. Information Systems introduces
computer basics and information systems. Content includes fundamental concepts of hardware and software
as applied to computers in a business environment; programming, operating systems, the Internet, data
communications, systems development life cycle, and information systems; use of typical software packages
including word processing, creating spreadsheets, databases and presentation graphics. Hands-on experience
with personal computers in labs will be included. This course is intended for those seeking a career as a
computer professional, an understanding of the role of Information Systems in the business community, or
introductory “end user” computer skills.

Cybersecurity prepares students for success in postsecondary information technology majors and for careers
in network administration and information technology support services with a focus on cybersecurity. The
course includes a series of technical modules that provide hands-on learning as well as knowledge and skills
development in computer hardware, operating systems, networking, coding, and security infrastructures.
Industry-based curricula are utilized in network and virtual image environments to emulate real-life scenarios
and prepare students for industry recognized certifications. Students research and address ethical and legal
standards related to information security. Students mitigate cyber vulnerabilities through intricate problem
solving scenarios requiring critical thinking, incident response and analysis, and collaboration. Ethical
hacking and penetration testing concepts will be introduced with an emphasis on information security
research. Students will be expected to us network scanners, network packet capture, network security and
auditing tools to accomplish tasks. The Cybersecurity curriculum is designed to ensure a deep understanding
of privacy, reliability, and integrity of information systems for students preparing for majors and careers
in Cyber Security and Information and Communications Technology.